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Social Media Community Guidelines for the Arnold Sports Festival

At the Arnold Sports Festival, we value the power of social media to connect with our community, engage with our fans, and promote health and fitness. Here are guidelines we ask you to follow to maintain a positive and respectful experience for everyone:

1. Respect others: We welcome open and respectful communication. Please refrain from using any derogatory, racist, sexist, or threatening language or content.

2. Keep it relevant: We want to hear from our fans and followers, but make sure your posts are relevant to the Arnold Sports Festival. Avoid posting personal or unrelated content.

3. No spamming: We do not allow the sharing of spam or any commercial content without our prior approval.

4. Avoid sensitive content: Please avoid posting content that is inappropriate, disrespectful, or controversial. This includes anything that promotes divisive or sensitive topics such as politics, religion or adult content.

5. Use personal accounts: We recommend using personal accounts to post on our social media platforms. Do not use fake accounts to promote or criticize the event.

6. Stay legal: Please abstain from publishing or reposting anything that violates copyright law or that incites illegal or harmful activities.

7. Contact us with questions: If you have a question regarding our social media community guidelines, please reach out to us directly for assistance at

We reserve the right to remove content or take action against any persons who violate our social media community guidelines. We are dedicated to creating a positive, engaging and healthy atmosphere for all of our fans, sponsors and participants. Thank you for helping us in this endeavor.

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