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Attendee Code of Conduct

THE ARNOLD SPORTS FESTIVAL is dedicated to providing a safe place where Athletes, Exhibitors and Fans can celebrate their love of sports and fitness to its fullest.

Safety, security & an open, inclusive, respectful environment with zero tolerance for misbehavior are fundamental to the show.

We do not tolerate violence, mistreatment, or any type of harassment towards athletes, staff, exhibitors, guests, or attendees at any of our events.

A full copy of our Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy can be found here.

If you feel your or others' safety is in question, please report directly to security on-site. If you or someone else has been involved in an incident we should be aware of, please report this to Security, Police or ASF Staff using the button below.

Incident Report

Please fill out the form in as much detail as possible so we can address the situation immediately and thoroughly. If you're still in the area where the incident took place and it's safe to stay where you are, our Security Team will meet you there.
Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy

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