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What is the Arnold Classic Partner Program?

The partner program provides a way for your website, social media profiles, YouTube or app to promote the Arnold Classic and the sport of professional bodybuilding. Earn commissions on qualifying Pay-Per View purchases as well as sales of online merchandise. 

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Access Special Assets

We make it easy. Partners gain access to exclusive marketing assets prepared by our world class creative team. Speak to your audience organically while being supported by exciting, dynamic and professionally produced marketing assets that will engage and assist your marketing efforts. 

Earn Commissions

All qualifying conversions tracked through the program will earn commission and provide additional income for promoting Arnold Classic.

How Does the Program Work?

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Submit an application
to join the program.



Each partner has their own
custom discount code.

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Earn income from
qualifying conversions.

Questions? Answers.

Is there a cost to join?
There is no cost to join the program. Please be aware that working with any third-party service providers to help optimize your performance as a partner or your website is at your own discretion and not required for participation in our program.

What happens after I submit an application?
Currently, we are only accepting a limited number of partners who can drive volume and quality that meet the Arnold Sports Festival’s guidelines. Once you submit an application, we will review it and determine if you are a good fit. If you meet the requirements, we will let you know.

Can I change or negotiate the Terms and Conditions?
No. We will not do custom agreements for individual partners. 

Why would an application be rejected?
An application will be rejected if you:

  • Fail to reply to inquires from Arnold Sports or its agency regarding your application.
  • Fail to provide a social media ID, website, blog, or App Store link on your application.
  • Appear to not be the legitimate website or property owner.
  • Provide a URL to a website that is still under construction.
  • Are an app developer and fail to provide a link to your app on the App Store or to your company’s website.

Additional reasons an application may be rejected include, but are not limited to a website or content that:

  • Does not meet Arnold Sports volume requirements.
  • Infringes Arnold Sports, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s or third-party trademark rights.
  • Contains sexually explicit material.
  • Contains hate, violence or offensive content.
  • Promotes discrimination.
  • Promotes illegal activities or otherwise violates any applicable laws.
  • Appropriates text or images from Arnold Sports’ websites or stores.
  • Uses misleading or fraudulent means to prompt sales. 
  • Includes an Arnold Sports trademark in your domain name.
  • Includes other inappropriate elements.

What is deemed inappropriate is at the sole discretion of the Arnold Sports Festival.

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