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Activate Your Pass

Activate Your Badge & Wristband

Activate Your Badge & Wristband

VIPs & Ultimate Expo Pass Members


For the first time, VIP and Ultimate Expo badges were mailed to Arnold Sports Festival attendees who purchased their passes by Feb. 8. You can activate your pass below once you receive it in the mail. Once your pass is activated, it will serve as your ticket to the events included in your VIP and Ultimate Expo package. 

Please note badges only were mailed and lanyards will be picked up on-site at VIP Check-In

IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE YOUR BADGE IN THE MAIL, NO WORRIES. You can pick up your badge + lanyard at VIP Check-In at B-130 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center beginning on Thursday, March 2. 

IF YOU PURCHASED YOUR VIP OR ULTIMATE EXPO AFTER FEB. 8, NO WORRIES. You too can pick up your badge + lanyard at VIP Check-In at B-130 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center beginning on Thursday, March 2. 

ALL VIP & ULTIMATE EXPO PASS HOLDERS WILL NEED TO GO TO VIP CHECK-IN AT B-130 TO RECEIVE THEIR PREMIUM ITEMS (Premium Lanyard + Bag, 35th Anniversary Pin, Arnold Water Bottle, Arnold Keychain)

Don't Miss The Morning Meet-Ups
NEW IN 2023:
All Bodybuilding VIP Pass Holders are invited to the Morning Meet-Up on Friday, March 3 and Saturday, March 4 prior to the opening of the Arnold Expo. Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman will appear on Friday and Arnold and Chris Bumstead will appear on Saturday. Doors open at 7:45 a.m. and the programs begin at 8:15 a.m. The Morning Meet-Up will be held in the Strongman Arena inside the Arnold Expo.

Activate Your VIP & Ultimate Expo Pass


To help you with activation, we’ve included a handy walkthrough below of what the process will look like.

Please Note: Badge activations will be available on Tuesday, Feb. 21


Great!  Let’s activate your passes.

  • Open the link in your order confirmation email
  • On your order page click the ‘Activate Badges’ button
  • Enter the 9-digit number from your badge and click Continue
  • Select the ticket you wish to activate from your order
  • Fill in the details for the individual who will be using this pass
  • When finished click the “Activate Another” button and repeat the
    steps above for each of your passes


    No problem!  Just follow these steps

    • Visit on your computer or phone
    • Click the button ‘Activate my Passes
    • Enter the 9-digit number from your badge
    • Enter the email address used to place your order

    We will send you an email with a link to your confirmation. When you receive it, you can continue with the steps below.

    Didn’t get the email? Don’t forget to check your Spam folder or contact for help.

     We look forward to seeing you at the show!

      VIPs needing further assistance can email for help or bring their credentials to the “VIP Check-in” desk located in room B130 for in-person assistance at the show.

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