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Ohio Expo Center

Martial Arts Festival

Oriental Martial Arts College is excited to present the 2022 Arnold Battle of Columbus (ABOC) Martial Arts Festival at the Ohio Expo Center's Lausche Building.

Arnold posing with a group of fans.

Battle of Columbus Martial Arts Festival

Reuniting the Battle of Columbus with the Arnold Martial Arts Festival, we anticipate a historic event promoting and fostering the diversity, unity, and harmony of martial arts styles and martial artists all around the world!

The Battle of Columbus was founded 44 years ago by SGM Joon Choi to offer an opportunity for all martial arts practitioners around the world to compete in a variety of martial arts events and to explore, test, and share the skills that they diligently and patiently developed through their training. The Arnold Battle of Columbus also offers a chance to meet martial arts leaders from many styles who share common goals in martial arts philosophy, principles, and traditions.

The three-day Martial Arts Festival will include seminars and workshops led by martial arts experts followed by the Bruce Lee and Legends of Martial Arts Hall of Honor induction banquet on Friday, March 4; all main championships for all disciplines and styles will be held on Saturday March 5; and then the winners from select events will battle it out for the Best of the Best Grand Championship titles.

As is our custom, we will be recognizing the great martial arts pioneers and their successors for their contributions to the development of the world of Martial Arts for Truth, Goodness, and Beauty with the Bruce Lee & Legends of Martial Arts Hall of Honor Induction Ceremony. This Honor is intended to recognize those martial artists and supporters who have dedicated their spirit to the study and betterment of martial arts; if you are or know a martial arts leader who deserves to be recognized and celebrated for their martial arts spirit, please review the requirements and complete the nomination form online.

Competition Disciplines & Styles

  • Taekwondo: Olympic Style Sparring, Sport Poomsae, Open forms, Breaking, Weaponry, and more!
  • Karate: Point Style Sparring, Kyokushin Semi-contact Fighting!, Open Kata, Breaking, Weaponry, and more!
  • Judo Grappling
  • Kungfu / Wushu
  • Tai Chi / Push Hands
  • Wing Chun / Chi Sau
  • Tangsoodo: Continuous Point sparring, Open Forms
  • Muay Thai
  • Hapkido / Aikido: Sparring, High Fall, Long Fall, Self-Defense
  • Gumdo / Kendo: Padded Weapon Sparring, Paper cutting, Thrown Object, and more
  • Weaponry: By discipline - all non-live edge weapons permitted
  • American Kick Boxing
  • Sambo / Sombo
  • Breaking Challenge: Creative Board Breaking, Power Breaking, Speed Breaking, Long Jump Kicking, High Jump Kicking
  • Team Demonstration: All Disciplines

Join the Battle and become a martial arts legend at the 2022 Arnold Battle of Columbus! For full details, schedules, rules, and registration:

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Meetings & Seminars
Friday, Mar 03
Ohio Expo Center
Voinovich Center

Martial Arts Festival
Saturday, Mar 04
Ohio Expo Center
Voinovich Center

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